Best 30 samples Beautiful & modern living rooms Designs & Decorating 2011-2012 -  Latest living rooms Designs & Decorating trends 2011-2012: What is the first aspect that comes to mind when thinking about modern living rooms? For us it’s openness.

And since we already featured a post on Freshome showcasing 26 wonderful living room ideas, we decided to continue this amazing display with 30 open plan living rooms that are very much in agreement with the modern interior design trends. Not too long ago, Ronique wrote a post called The Pros and Cons of Having an Open Floor Plan Home, where she mentioned how today the open floor plan is a sought after amenity in any home, as half walls and visual dividers allow a family to converse and interact. In this post we did not only gather interiors that have the ability to connect, but also fascinating rooms with a well defined personality and a highly appealing look. Colors that sometimes inspire audacity, modern furniture elements, beautiful art-works and incredible arrangements are just some of the elements we think you will find inspiring.  But we left the best for last: all of these living rooms feature wide windows, which allow the owners to experience the lack of indoor-outdoor boundaries. Take a deep breath and prepare for a thrilling living room spectacle …

Photos Beautiful & modern living rooms Designs & Decorating 2011-2012:

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